Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 is here!

Can't believe its 2013 already! time flies. I know everyone begins the new year with a resolution and that resolution is usually loosing weight. Well, I hate to say it but thats mine! I've started a new gym membership and my goal is to make it to at least 2 zumba class, which are pretty intense, and 3 days or more of treadmill with some lifting combined. So far I'm doing pretty well. The only thing is I seriously need some FAA...Food Addict Anonymous! I'm going to go back to the plan that helped me loose almost 20 lbs and feel awesome...ZUS! My #2 is to dive into the doterra oils and really push my business! Thanks to a great friend, Lisa, who is seriously so amazing and knowledgable if I stick with it I can do as good as her. I love them and they have been so helpful with so many different things. Paet and her icky croupe and congestions have been the #1 things to Kenna and breathing better during sports to my muscle aches and shin splints. Number 3 and probably should also be my number 1 is being a better mom and wife. I find myself so short and just wanting to run to my room and hide, but my goal is to be more involved in the kiddos and their day to day activities. I also have a goal to only eat out maybe once a week if not less and be more on top of my meal planning and cooking. I can't believe it but I find myself actually enjoying to cook and bake. I know when we first got married I was a HORRIBLE cook. Heck, poor Josh lived on mac and cheese with tuna unless he was lucky enough to be home super late so he'd get take out. LOL Resolution #4 Run/jog a half marathon. April just told me about a half marathon in June. I've ran a couple 5ks and have done not to bad, but this year its a half marathon baby!!! I wish I could do more but I think what I have will be a start. Maybe next year I can set one to cut out sugar for a year...hahaha Ya Right!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our Cruise

Here are few pictures from our Cruise we were able to go on.
First stop we had in Cabo San Lucas. On the first day there Josh and I got to FINALLY go scuba diving and were so excited! We were actually a little disappointed though. They took us to a spot where there were tons of snorklers and underneath I could hear this awful noise and kept thinking it was my gear until I looked up and realized there were more than a dozen boats zooming by. We almost felt like we were babysitting the other two divers with us because the dive master was almost in his own little world. Sad dive but we were still glad we got in the water.
Second day in Cabo was spent mostly wandering around the little shops. There really didn't seem like there was much to do there...Except, yep we went Parasailing! I admit I was scared to death and begged Josh to tell them to take us down. His answer was..."how am I gonna tell them we're like 200 ft above." So I had to suck it up. At the end I was so glad I went and got to go with Joshy!
The third stop was in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. We wish we could've spent two days here instead. We signed up for and Extreme Excursion with Katrina and Shane. Me and heights just don't mesh...and yet again they were involved. We started by riding our "yellow limousine" to the top of the mountain. Now the ride back down was super scarey. We were wandering if the had breaks on those things! Anyways, once we got to the top we rode donkeys to the next destination. My goodness donkeys have competetive spirits. There was one who wanted to be in the front and everytime she tried mine and a couple others would take off. I actually loved it and giggled the whole time she did it. Once to the stop our zip lining trip began. Oh my gosh I thought I was going to pee my pants. The said as they pushed us to look to the left for a waterfall. Heck, the ones behind me were almost able to see one in front of them...LOL. I didn't though. We also repelled down a waterfall and free fell kind a from a platform. Poor Josh...they thought it would be funny to let him go and splash in the little pond. We also got to walk across suspended bridges and the hike back down. It was truly a blast!
Last couple days we spent at sea traveling back home and I was so ready to be home. It was actually pretty cold and windy so we didn't get much sun time in...:(boo.
Josh was quite the hit. He almost took first place in one of the contests but he wasnt able to hold a medal between his bum coming in 2nd I was totally fine with!
We got to travel with some fun friends Katrina and Shane. We actually met them through joshs work. On the trip at dinner we all made friends with another couple from Holland, Francesco and Shanna. We seriously had the BEST waiter and team. Sanit even invited us all to Bangkok to visit. Josh was his human Banjo and every night we got our dance on. I swear Josh was always It was good we truly had a great time and it was all thanks to their bosses.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The "D" (diet)...

So I have started this weightloss program about 3 weeks ago. The first two were awesome and I did great. Week #3 was the start of NO SUGAR...AHHHHHHH. For those of you who know me I love me some sugar!
Anyways, so I actually did AWESOME!!! No sugar what-so-ever. On saturday I had a spinach-feta pizza on tortilla while the kiddos had pepperoni. Boy did the pepperoni look tasty! Well I'm allowed 1 cheat meal so I figured one piece wouldn't hurt. Well, ends up the first bite I had to spit out and couldn't finish the pizza. It just didn't taste right and made me feel like I was gonna vomit. Wahoo!
Sunday I did good also. I made homemade roast with sugar-free jello for Steph and myself and whole wheat small rolls. I really feel like Week #3 was a SUCCESS! That was until I weighed in and measured myself.
I lost NOTHING...that's right NOTHING!!!! I didn't loose and pounds or inches. I seriously just wanted to cry so super hard!
Well, week #4 has started today. I started the morning off with some yummy egg whites mixed with a little salsa. For a snack i had a handful of almonds and for lunch I had some sauteed mushrooms. Doing great, right...?
NOPE! the freezer there they were sitting there staring at me every single time I opened the door. Semi sweet chocolate chips. I cracked! I melted some and ate them. Oh my goodness they were wonderful, but now I'm filled with a guilty, empty, failure feeling!
Tomorrow is a new day!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas time

So I was kind of a grinch this year but I think we all still had a great season.
We got to make our traditional gingerbread houses and I even made them from scratch instead of the graham cracker houses we normally do. One of our favorite things is to see the lights and we went to see the Ogden ones and the weather was perfect. Heck, Paet even fell asleep. Just sad Josh missed alot of the fun things we did.
Christmas eve was a blast! We did the traditional nativity with the kids and after exchanged gifts and did our pajamas.
Hollie got my mom some "Cougar PJs" and she started posing. So funny!
Christmas morning was the best. We slept in til 8am and ended up having to wake the kids to open presents. After we had the yummiest breakfast and then went to church. I don't know why but it seems like church on christmas day just makes it that much better. I love the christmas music they sing.
Later that night we went and saw grandmas and grandpas and had a nice dinner at my moms.
Now New Years...well that's a different story! I made so many yummy treats, had Raegn and Gannon over, and then were going to play games with the Perkins. Well, what was suppose to be just like a 15 min nap at 7:30 ended up with me waking up around 10:30 and finding all...yes ALL the kids asleep. So Josh and I rang in the new year eating candied corn pops and watching "Dog the bounty hunter re-runs". What a night. We are seriously so lame.

Josh was able to have the week between Christmas and New Years off so I had my little wants list ready! I can't believe seriously how much he accomplished for me. He even did stuff I wasn't expecting. The best of them all was the fun tree he made in Brax's room. It looks like a tree from one side and then it's a shelf and a desk on the other.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I have issues...

So obviously I'm having an issue with making sure to update!
Things have been slowly chaotic. If that makes any sense. I'm loving the one on one time I'm getting to spend with Paet. She loves to just listen to the music and dance, and yes that is the reason I get nothing done in the mornings!
Both Kenna and Brax are doing awesome in school. Kenna was chosen to be on her school community council. Even though it means me having to try her to school early I'm super proud of her. Brax loves to read. You can always find him looking at a book. He loves reading to P.
Brax just finished up a season of wrestling. How much fun it was to watch him even though very intense. He wasn't the best but so proud he never gave up!
All the many animal adventures continue. If you haven't heard one of the newest is with the funny Llamas. The first few days I spent just watching them and the funniest thing we've noticed it the community poo pile. Yep, that's right they all poo in the same spot even if it means running clear from the bottom of the field to go potty. I laughed one day when I saw miss Petty running just to take a squat.
Josh is still traveling to all different places. We're so grateful for the many sacrifices he makes for us and makes for me alone so that I can be home. Even though at times I find myself wishing to go back to work I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Life is fun and crazy but we're making it.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Family Pictures

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Volleyball and Girls night

So Amy and her family were here for the weekend and Friday we all went to an early breakfast at Granny Annies and afterwards finally met and played some volleyball. Later when everyone got off work we had dinner and later the boys took the kids while us sisters and mother had a little girls night. Though I couldn't talk anyone into doing some toilet papering we decided to go bowling. While waiting for our lanes we did the arcade games. I ranked in some serious tickets just pushing a button while Hollie jumped her way to hers. We finally got our lanes and the game began. I think Brandi came out with the highest score.
After we went back to the house and did some just dance. I think I could've done it all night. Amy if you can tell was a little sleepy. We had lots of fun. Jody should have pictures from the volleyball earlier.